Fiber Energy Products 
Grilling Pellets

"At Fiber Energy Products we take all of our wood fiber pelleted products very seriously, especially our line of (“Papa’s) Grilling Pellets. You the consumer deserve the best for that backyard BBQ enhanced flavor, so when you want that flavor that only the finest chefs produce, look only to Fiber Energy Products (“Papa’s”) Grilling and Smoking Pellets to provide that enhanced flavor."

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Recipes for Wood Pellet

Taste the Flavor

Fiber Energy Products Grilling Pellets are available in:
Hickory - Oak - Mesquite - Pecan - Cherry - Apple

All of our grilling products are made from 100% all natural hardwood products for that genuine wood smoked flavor in every bite.

Blended with red & white oak for that consistent BTU output required for that enhanced cooking experience.

Our Clean Burning Low Ash Ultra-Premium wood pellet’s saves you time and increases your flavor experience so  spend more time eating from your pellet grill and less time cleaning it.

All of our grilling pellets are available for shipment in varied quantities please contact us for details