Leading the Industry in 100% All Natural Wood Pellets

"We manufacture premium wood heating and grilling pellet fuels made from 100% ​​all natural hardwood fibers derived from Arkansas and Missouri forest product residuals . We began manufacturing hardwood pellets in 2006, and have become one of the leading premier wood pellet manufacturers in the country.

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The ultimate Christmas
present for the loved one in your life that enjoys being outdoors.

Fireball Fire Bricks

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Flame Genie 
Portable Fire Pits

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See the Two New Bedding Products that will revolutionalize the animal bedding industry!

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6 Incredible Flavors
of Grilling Pellets

    Hickory, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Apple, & Cherry

Grilling Pellets

Holiday Recipes
for your pellet grill!

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Mulchmax Color Extender

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