Additional Products

We offer several superior quality products in addition to our 100% all-natural premium heating and grilling pellets. We are consistent in our commitment to providing sustainable, eco-friendly products. We invite you to learn more about our additional product offerings.

Flame Genie

Flame Genie is the ultimate portable, smokeless fire pit. The Flame Genie produces very little smoke, uses 100% all-natural pellet fuel, and is easy to transport!

We are proud to offer the Flame Genie Original, the Flame Genie Inferno, and the Flame Genie Inferno (stainless).

Read more about the Flame Genie.

Fireball Fire Bricks

We manufacture our Fireball fire bricks from 100% all-natural debarked sawmill hardwood residuals. Our fire bricks are kiln dried and screened for purity, giving you much less ash and warm burning. 

Read more about our Fireball fire bricks.

Happy Mountain Kitty Litter

Our special kitty litter formula provides enhanced clumping capability. Your pet will also appreciate the fresh scent of our pine kitty litter! Take a moment to read more about our Happy Mountain Kitty Litter. 

Mulchmax Color Extender & Enhancer

Mulchmax is a 100% all-natural way to make the mulch in your lawn or garden look fresh and new, without back-breaking work or the expense of replacement mulch. Mulchmax is easy and convenient to use and lasts for an entire season! 

Read more about Mulchmax.

Smart Heating Solutions

We offer Smart Heating Solutions’ Flex Fuel biomass furnaces. Biomass furnaces are the right choice for dry, healthy heat and are suitable for agricultural buildings, greenhouses, and commercial buildings that require heat for large areas. In addition, biomass furnaces can greatly reduce costs associated with unstable propane and fuel prices. Biomass furnaces maintain a small carbon footprint while utilizing a renewable fuel resource. 

Read more about Smart Heating Solutions.