Our Company

Fiber Energy Products is a state-of-the-art wood pellet manufacturing facility located in the pristine forests of northern Arkansas. We also have a second facility located in beautiful southern Missouri. Our facilities first began producing 100% all-natural wood pellet fuel in 2006. Since then, we have become the foremost manufacturer of premium hardwood and softwood heating pellets, BBQ and grilling pellets, and animal bedding throughout the mid western and southern United States.

Setting the Standard

Pellet Fuels InstiuteOur wood pellet fuel exceeds the PFI standards for premium quality year after year. The PFI Standards Program is the most respected of the pellet fuels standards programs. We are the standard for consistent and reliable quality pellets to help you burn cleaner, hotter, and more efficient fuel. 

Experience and Honesty

We are proud to have a well seasoned management team dedicated to clean energy, 100% all-natural products, sustainability, and honesty. We assure our customers that our experienced professionals dedicate themselves to providing premium quality products to the end consumer. 

Our facilities are major employers for their areas, providing economic assurance and stability to their communities.

Our Products

  • We manufacture premium, 100% all-natural hardwood and softwood heating pellets, BBQ and grilling pellets, and BBQ chunks and chips.
  • We produce animal bedding products for commercial and residential use.
  • We manufacture our superior quality products using only 100% all-natural hardwood fibers and forest product residuals.
  • We dry and press our pellets with no fillers or binders to produce the cleanest, driest, and smoothest-burning pellets available.