Our Process

At Fiber Energy Products, we commit to finding the most efficient way to manufacture and produce premium wood pellet fuel and BBQ chips and chunks

We manufacture our products using only 100% all-natural hardwood fibers and forest product residuals. We dry and press our pellets with no fillers or binders to produce the cleanest, driest, and smoothest-burning pellet available. Our home heating pellets exceed the Pellet Fuels Institute standard for premium pellets.

Wood pellet fuel is sustainable, renewable, and one of the most carbon neutral fuel sources available. We are committed to manufacturing clean energy solutions that significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

Take a moment to see how we make the best pellets around:

  1. We hand-inspect each load of all-natural hardwood fibers and forest products from locally sourced, sustainable forestry practices. We also store our residuals indoors, ensuring we begin the process with the most pristine materials available.
  2. We carefully monitor our manufacturing process to ensure top quality, premium pellets and BBQ chunks and chips. We use the latest in technology and state-of-the art equipment. We even send our samples to be lab tested to verify we meet even our own higher standards.
  3. We invest in advancements and maintain high quality control methods to ensure our pellets are efficient, clean burning, and of premium quality.
  4. We bag our products on-site and always store them indoors; then we carefully load our products and send them to stores throughout the country.